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Virpal Singh


Chitosan, starch, Glutaric acid, refractive index, viscosity.


Knowledge of the physicochemical parameters values produced by the utilization of the polymer blends is importantbecause of the effect that it has on the operational cost of several stages of the industrial processChitosan/starch solutions of different variable concentrations from (90/10 to10/90) are prepared in dilute acetic acid solution (1%). Glutaric acid solution concentration is 1% fixed. The solution properties such as viscosity and refractive index are measured. Viscosity of Chitosan-Starch-Glutaric acid solution is measured by Brookfield viscometer modal DV-E version 1.00 and refractive index is also measured by Abbes refractometer. The influence of concentration of solution and speed of rotation on shear stress are also determined for polymer solution.

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