Purpose of the study: The research aims to analyze the financing of housing construction in West Bandung, West Java Province, Indonesia.

Methodology: The research method used a qualitative approach. Primary data obtained through interview, while secondary data through literature study. The validity of the data obtained from the informants is tested through the triangulation technique. The data analysis technique is done by doing description and analysis of the object under study.

Results: The results show that housing finance policy in West Bandung through advance assistance, interest subsidy, housing financing liquidity facility (FLPP in Indonesia) and direct assistance. Advance payment policies, interest subsidies and FLPP are channeled through banks targeting low-income, bankable communities. The non-bankable community is assisted through the Self-Help Housing Stimulant Stimulation Program from the central government, the Unfit Home Program from the provincial and district governments.

Applications of this study: This research can be used for the universities, teachers, and students.


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