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Avinash Sukadeo Pawar


Carbon nanotube field effect transistors (CNTFET), fully Depleted Silicon on Insulator (FDSOI), Insulated gate filed effect transistor (IGFET)


As the technology moving towards lower voltage for high stability and accurate performance. We design low voltage current mirror using IGFET, FDSOI, CNTFET.These transistor moving towards low-voltage high-speed performance. Here in this paper, we have design low voltage current mirror for Accurate duplication of current. To obtain accurate duplication of current we verify the performance of low voltage current mirror on FDSOI and CNTFET Transistor having 32nm technology.

The circuit is simulated with 32nm technology for FDSOI and CNFET. They operate at lower power supply than IGFET. The simulation results show the improvement in knee voltage 1.7v and 1.3v for the current mirror.

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