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Shakya Chakrabarti
Neelanjan Acharya


UIDAI Number, Bio-metric Authentication, VMAC Encryption, Data Server


Purpose of the study: The paper proposes a secure system of voting using UIDAI Data and implementing IoT to save a copy of the voting statistics via VMAC encryption. Methodology: The paper proposes a secure system which will utilize the Aadhar database along with the Electronic Voting Machine units, to authenticate voters by bio-metric means which will be synchronized by Internet of Things. After successful casting of vote, two sets of voting statistics will be stored in the local polling station as well as a centralized register respectively; through a cascade of servers. These will be secured from virtual third-party vulnerability by VMAC encryption. Finally, an impenetrable system of voting can be established by the above method. Applications of this study: If the proposed system of voting is practically implemented, then a proper consensus can be obtained by avoiding poll-day violence. Furthermore, if UIDAI data is used then the voter’s authenticity is also verified. Novelty/Originality of this study: The use of biometric data, as well as storage of a second set of data using VMAC encryption to a secondary storage site.

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